So the first questions I always get is Juliepatoolie’s? Is Patoolie your last name? Although I do answer to Mrs. Patoolie that is not my last name. My Uncle Mike who lives in Birmingham, Alabama gave me that nickname when I was little. I have a rather large family on my dad’s side so I have lots of cousins. When each of us are born – he give us our own, unique and often funny nickname. Mine was Juliepatoolie!

As I was coming up with a name for my business I immediately thought this would be perfect – because it’s catchy, fun and unique – just like the items in my shop. My name is Julia Poole and I am a graphic designer which I think sets Juliepatoolie’s apart from other stationery stores. Unlike store that have tons of albums to look through (and yes, we have a couple) our main focus is to provide one-on-one customer service and to deliver a unique product to you for that special occasion in your life.

Juliepatoolie’s specializes in Custom Wedding Invitations. Let’s face it, you want your own style in every aspect of life. Who wants to show up to a party wearing the same dress? No one. So why should you have to pick out an invitation from an album that everyone has seen and looked at. Juliepatoolie’s is a perfect fit for the bride who wants every detail of their wedding to be about their vision and taste. If you want a quote from your first dance on there or a picture from the venue you are using – I say go for it! Invitation styles have changed drastically. Creme with black writing is still classic and elegant, but if you want to have a little more fun – you can do it – and we can help.