New Paper Stocks for 2015

Are you looking for the perfect Robins Egg Blue or a stunning gold glitter liner for your wedding invitations? We have them at Juliepatoolie’s – come see 28 new shades of stock, envelopes and liners for the 2015 Wedding Season.

Which one is your favorite?


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Respondez s’il vous plait

RSVP is short for Respondez s’il vous plait or reply, if you please. You commonly see this on wedding invitations as it is typically used to get a number count of those attending and those that are unable to come.

It's always a good idea to also put # attending if you have offered someone the chance to bring a guest.
It’s always a good idea to also put # attending if you have offered someone the chance to bring a guest.

An alternative to RSVP would be “Regrets Only.” This is a more relaxed term which would be more appropriate to use on shower or party invitations. Regrets Only means that only those who CANNOT come to the party are to call and notify the host. If everyone followed the rules this would be a great method since you would only be taking calls from those who are not going to make it.

There are some cases in which you would not want to use Regrets Only.

1) Do not use Regrets Only when you need an exact headcount for a caterer or rental in which you cannot get a refund for no-shows.
2) You are providing favors to those who attend and do not want to eat additional costs.
3) You are going to follow up or email all those who you have not heard from before the party.

If you are putting Regrets Only you can include phone number as well as email.
If you are putting Regrets Only you can include phone number as well as email.

These are wonderful rules to follow if everyone who was sent an RSVP or Regrets Only actually followed through. I have heard numerous client frustrations on this subject. There is no great answer to solve this pesky problem of rude guests.

You may can plan for more in the cases of showers or smaller parties and just go with the flow, but when it comes to weddings and every dollar counts, you can get into a sticky situation.

Most clients say they do one of the following:
1) If they don’t hear from guests, they assume they are not coming and count them out and will not have a seat for them.
*This may sound like a great idea at the time of your frustration, but when they show up and there is no seat, it causes awkwardness and problems for your venue and planner. Are you really going to make them stand – probably not.
2) Most clients take an alternate route and if you feel awkward about calling the guest – the best thing to do is to have your planner or a relative to call the guest in question so they can be more direct and push for an answer.

It never fails, you will always have someone who did not RSVP that shows up and you will have people that said they were coming, not show. Hopefully it all evens out for your event and there are not too many hard feelings. Just keep all of this in mind next time you need to reply to an event.

Registry Etiquette

Registry ChecklistRegistry is one of the more fun things you get to do as part of the wedding planning process. It is so much fun to go through aisle after aisle and think of new fun things to register for from pots and pans to home and garden to even honeymoons! Yes, even the Emily Post Institute has included Honeymoon registry as acceptable.

Shower invitations are the proper place to list your registries. Those are the times that you can spread the word about where you are registered. A lot of brides come in and ask to list these same things on their invitations, however, that is not a proper place to list your registries. Sometimes I am met with the response of “How are people going to know that weren’t invited to a shower” or “We want to list that we would like gift cards or cash.”

Although cash money might be what you would really like for a wedding gift – it is never acceptable to ask for cash or list it with your registry information. Make sure that when you register that you give your guests a wide range of products from a low dollar amount to a few higher end items that would be more of a luxury for you to receive. Keep track of your registries by logging in online and adding more items if your list gets low or adding more budget friendly options. Nothing is worse than going to view a registry that only has five items to choose from. People love a variety.

Save the dates are also another way to spread the word about where you are registered at. More and more I have brides that utilize this option. By listing your wedding website – people can view hotel accommodations, directions, your bridal party as well as all of your registries. If people don’t know where you are registered they will usually call a close friend or family member and they can give those guests the scoop, so you don’t have to!

Five Years Later…

This past Friday was my 5 year anniversary with my husband. I started to reflect on our wedding day and all of our close friends who were there and the wonderful memories that we created that day. It was amazing and all I have to say to brides is TAKE IT ALL IN!!!! The day goes by so fast and it is so overwhelming but really try to slow down and take everything in – everyone is there to celebrate you.

Our Wedding Day

I just thought I would share this story with brides so they won’t do what I did.

Registering is probably one of the most fun things to do during wedding planning. Justin got to choose all the cookware items since he cooks but I got to choose all of the China. When choosing china I did something a little different and chose a different pattern for each place setting. When I got a place setting I did what a lot of brides probably do and stored it away.  I think four years had gone by when Justin found my stash of China and flatware. Why are we not using this stuff? I said well – it’s nice and I don’t want to break anything….but then I had a change of mind, so I started unpacking it and I thought you know this is pretty dumb to store all this.

I was down to the last box and I opened it and the plate at the bottom of the box was shattered….I was so disappointed – but then I laughed because I thought – well now at least I don’t have to get mad at Justin for breaking the first plate. It was pretty funny to think of how that plate had been up there broken all that time. Now we use it everyday.

That’s just one funny story from the past five years – and if any of you know my husband you know that I laugh everyday, because I live with such a character. I think it shows you not to sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to worry about broken china (I will have it replaced though!)

Exhibit A

Are you really a DIY bride?

Imagine your wedding is 2 months 4 days 12 hours 34 minutes and 58 seconds away. You bought a wedding invitation kit at a local craft store because the clerk told you it would be easy to do and you could handle printing it yourself. You listened to the clerk and bought the kit.

As a bride who’s wedding is 2 months 4 days 12 hours 34 minutes and 58 seconds away you have a lot on your mind and the last-minute details are a little overwhelming. Of course you started on your DIY invitations when you got home – pulling everything out of the box including the all important test sheets. You thought, seriously, how hard could this be….?

You get your file all set up and load the test sheet in only to realize that when it prints half of it is running off the page and it’s not quite the right shade of pink. So you make some adjustments and you hit print again – got the right pink, but now there are streaks down your test page and you only have one more sheet left to test. You spend two hours and you think you’re finally ready to print a real sheet, only to find when you hit print, your printer is now out of ink. You go to the local office supply store and load up on ink…several $$ later and you get back to print your DIY invitations again. You actually get the invitations through, but now you have to tackle the rsvp cards. You try to get them to run through your printer but since they are small they will not go through and you hit a roadblock.

Of course you go back to the craft store since you bought them there to ask what to do but they don’t have any answers or solutions for you because they are not experts in that field. You go online and look at the template and the brand – but that’s no help either. Your wedding invitations are supposed to go out in 3 days and your mom will lose it if she knows your invitations are not in the mail exactly 8 weeks out from your wedding.  Finally someone points you in the direction of your local stationer. You get there only to realize that if you had started there in the first place you would have saved time, money and had an original look for your invitation. They are able to help you, but at additional costs and time.

Stationers are very valuable and have a lot of expertise on wording, addressing, and etiquette. Not only will they help with options for your invitations that will fit within your budget but they will make sure that you are sending out an invitation that will look spectacular and follow the proper etiquette. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – send something you are proud of and that makes a statement about your wedding. You want your guests to say how “sweet” or “charming” your wedding invitations are but if you decide to tackle the invitations yourself, you could leave an impression on your guests of “homemade.” So when you are at the local craft store and you have the DIY invitation kit in your hand, ask yourself, am I really a DIY Bride?

Your first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.!

December is on its way and all of those couples who got married in 2013 are getting ready to send Christmas Cards – and it’s your first year as Mr. and Mrs. so take advantage. One of the things I really regret is not having it together enough to send Christmas cards out. We got married in September and by the time I thought of it…Christmas had come and gone.

Do not make the same mistake I did. This is your one and only time to show off  your big day and to include those guests that maybe couldn’t make it to your wedding. You can also use your Christmas card as a Thank You if your wedding falls during the right time, although you still want to write a hand-written message thanking the guest for the specific gift they gave you as a couple.

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First Christmas as Mr. and M

The Perfect Palette

When starting to look at a color palette, do not get too caught up in everything matching perfectly. I see it all the time when Brides come into the shop. They are devastated when they can’t find the perfect plum backing or the right shade of pink for their envelope. There are limitations on paper color. Juliepatoolie’s offers  250 colors and 90 shapes and sizes. If the paper is stumping you – bypass it and focus on being able to change the ink.

I advise my clients to take a step back – although those exact colors are very important to you and the backdrop of your wedding, chances are guests are not going to remember if your bridesmaids dress did not match your invitation exactly. Sheen, fabric choice and lighting have a lot to do with the color as does paper selection, metallic paper, etc.

When brides come to Juliepatoolie’s  they are working one-on-one with a graphic designer and 9 times out of 10 the color can be matched almost perfectly with ink selection. That is the beauty of going to a designer and being able to truly customize your invitation. Most albums that you can order out of do have a color chart but chances are if you are using a unique color palette they are not going to be able to accommodate all your choices.

I loved this color palette that a bride chose for her upcoming mountain destination wedding. It really encompasses the nature that will be surrounding them on their big day. Be open-minded and think about unique ways to tie in your color. What about a ribbon? liner? fun pocket color? It’s always a good idea, as this bride did – to bring paint, dress or fabric swatches with you to your appointment. This helps the stationer you are working with keep a visual in mind at all times.

photo (6)

Please click on the picture above to see other unique color combinations. I am an envelopments dealer and can take care of any of your paper or pocket needs that you see on the site.

Beginning of a new year!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.25.51 PM

It’s the beginning of a new year. Some are just starting Kindergarten and some are starting up their Senior Year! If you’re finishing up your High School career – you probably took your senior photos over the summer. Along with that comes Graduation Announcements. It is a big deal and a huge accomplishment, so you should be proud and let everyone know (at the very least your family). You can do what everyone else across America does and order the standard announcements, which include seals and nameplate cards (what do you do with those? – I think I still have a ton from when I graduated) or you can step outside the box and really show off your personality and style.

Some people order out of convenience and they do make it very easy to add on this and that package and by the time you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and got something very streamlined.

Consider a few things before ordering. Most of the time the quantities in those packages do not match up. Why should you have to order two sets of name cards for one set of announcements. You end up paying for things that you do not really need. I had several people come to me last year that had inner/outer envelopes and had addressed the wrong part. They finally got it resolved, but it took some time and extra money to get in touch with those companies.

You should be able to get a fun personalized announcement with personalized service. Congrats Graduates of 2014 – make it an unforgettable year!